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  • 100 Years of Power Plant Development
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100 Years of Power Plant Development

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  • Book by ASME International, 01/01/2001
  • Publisher: ASME


100 Years of Power Plant Development presents the evolution of power plant concepts.

The author provides thermodynamic design concepts of a large variety of power plants, with comparisons, based on realistic performance levels.

The historical overview extends to plant concepts for the future, and considers the latest advances with improved thermodynamic performance and emissions/carbon dioxide discharge.

Key areas include: Fossil steam turbine power plants, Nuclear power plants, Co-generation plants, Gas turbine peaking power plants, Repowering steam turbines with gas turbines, and Coal gasification and other advanced combined-cycle plants.

In addition, the author examines issues such as available fuel sources and developing/applying the best technology for converting the fuel into electric power with the lowest adverse effect on the environment.

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