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  • 50th Anniversary of the ASME Design Engineering Division
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50th Anniversary of the ASME Design Engineering Division

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  • Book by ASME International, 01/01/1995
  • Publisher: ASME


This combined issue of the Journal of Mechanical Design and the Journal of Vibration and Acoustics commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Design Engineering Division of ASME.

The papers in this issue were selected by solicitation from key researchers, and the authors were asked to include some of the following elements in their papers: (1) A tutorial of some of the most advanced techniques in the subfield of the paper. (2) A review of the relevant work and other approaches including older methods. (3) Some new results or at least a recasting of some of the existing results in a format consistent with the paper. (4) High relevance to Mechanical Design. (5) An indication of some of the future areas of research and research trends.

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