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  • CAN/CSA A220 SERIES-M91 (R2004)
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CAN/CSA A220 SERIES-M91 (R2004)

  • Concrete Roof Tiles
  • standard by Canadian Standards Association / National Standard of Canada, 06/15/2000
  • Publisher: CSA


This PDF includes GI #2.

1. Scope


This Standard applies to concrete roof tiles and tiling accessories for use as weather-resistant roofing materials.


This Standard covers the requirements and procedures for the sampl ing and testing of concrete roof tiles for dimensional requirements, water absorption, water permeability, freezing and thawing resistance, transverse strength, and material quality.


This Standard applies to the installation of concrete roof tiles and tiling accessories on roofs with slopes of 1:3 and greater.


Figures in this Standard are for illustration of specific Clause requirements. The Figures do not include all details necessary for a proper roof installation. Manufacturers' installation guidance should be followed, where not contradictory to the requirements of this Standard.


This Standard provides the minimum requirements for the installation of battens and underlayment materials under concrete roof tiles and the related measures to provide a weather-resistant roofing system.


This Standard does not provide requirements for truss, rafter, or roof strength design. Note: See also Clause 13.


This Standard provides the minimum requirements for certification of the initial and continuing suitability of a manufacturer's personnel, facilities, and procedures to manufacture concrete roof tiles and roof tiling accessories to meet the requirements of CSA Standard CAN/CSA-A220.0.


The purpose of this Standard is to assure product quality by requiring manufacturers to implement on-going procedures that are based on the early detection of changes in properties of tiles and accessories that may adversely affect their performance.


This Standard provides for the qualification of individual plants. Note: See Clause 4.2.1.


This Standard does not provide for the certification of the products produced by a manufacturing plant.


Nothing contained in this Standard is intended to transfer any responsibility for the quality of concrete roof tiles or the marking of such products from the manufacturer to any other organization.

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