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  • CAN/CSA A23.1/A23.2-00
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CAN/CSA A23.1/A23.2-00

  • Concrete Materials and Methods of Concrete Construction/Methods of Test for Concrete
  • standard by Canadian Standards Association / National Standard of Canada, 09/28/2000
  • Publisher: CSA


This is a text searchable PDF. (It includes Update 2)

1. Scope


General This Standard provides the requirements for materials and methods of construction for cast-in-place concrete and concrete precast in the field. Notes: (1)

Requirements for the design of concrete structures are provided in CSA Standards A23.3 and S6.

Design of some specialty concrete products is described in separate CSA Standards. (2)

Methods of test for concrete are provided in CSA Standard A23.2. (3)

Design provisions governing the fire resistance of reinforced concrete structures are set out in the National Building Code of Canada.


Precast Concrete Requirements for the plant production of precast concrete are set out in CSA Standard A23.4.


Precasting of Concrete in the Field Precasting of concrete in the field or in a temporary plant is governed by this Standard or by CSA Standard A23.4, at the option of the owner. Notes: (1)

Guidelines for such a choice are provided in CSA Standard A23.4. (2)

Precasting operations in the field that are normally governed by this Standard, such as tilt-up construction, are described in Clause 26.


Approval for Equivalents This Standard does not specifically cover the use of proprietary materials or methods of construction.

They may be permitted by the owner under a separate specification, provided that the quality of the resulting construction meets the minimum requirements of this Standard. /


General This Standard covers the principal methods of test for hardened and freshly mixed concrete and for concrete materials, as specified in CSA Standards A23.1 and A23.4.


Safety and Health Practices This Standard does not purport to address the safety problems associated with its use.

It is the responsibility of the user of this Standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations p rior to use.


Metric Conversion This Standard is presented in metric units in accordance with CSA Standard Z234.1. Note:

The ASTM Standards that are referenced herein are often based on the Imperial system, with soft metric equivalents.

Where ASTM Standards are referenced, the appropriate metric units in the ASTM Standards should be used wherever possible.

When the ASTM Standards refer to other ASTM Standards for which there are equivalent CSA Standards, the latter Standards should be used to ensure a continuity in such things as sieve sizes, metric units, and other particular differences between the Standards.

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