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  • CAN/CSA A23.4-00/A251-00 (R2005)
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CAN/CSA A23.4-00/A251-00 (R2005)

  • Precast Concrete - Materials and Construction/Qualification Code for Architectural and Structural Precast Concrete Products
  • standard by Canadian Standards Association / National Standard of Canada, 04/01/2000
  • Publisher: CSA


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General This Standard provides requirements for materials to be used and methods to be followed in the manufacture, transportation, and erection of architectural, structural, and specialty precast concrete products. Notes: (1) When this Standard is followed, good control over dimensions, appearance, and performance of precast concrete products can be obtained. (2) This Standard should be specified for precast concrete elements used in segmental construction.


Shop Drawings This Standard outlines the requirements, in addition to those stated in CSA Standard A23.3, for precast concrete shop drawings.


Architectural Precast Concrete Those aspects of architectural precast concrete falling within the scope of provincial building codes, namely those affecting its structural adequacy, are included within the body of this Standard.

Architectural finishes are covered in Appendix C. Note: Conformity with Appendix C should be required in projects that include the supply of architectural precast concrete. (See Clause 0.2.3)


Precedence Where this Standard states that the content of a clause must conform to a referenced standard and additional clauses in this Standard, then, where there is a conflict, the requirements of this Standard take precedence.


Mandatory Language In this Standard, ""shall"" indicates a mandatory requirement; ""should "" indicates a recommendation or that which is advised but not mandatory; and ""may"" indicates an advisory or optional statement.

Notes accompanying clauses do not include mandatory or alternative requirements; the purpose of a note accompanying a clause is to separate from the text explanatory or informative material that is not properly a part of the Standard.

Notes to figures and tables are considered part of the figure or table and may be written as mandatory requirements; legends to figures are also considered part of the requirements of the figure. /

A251-00-1. Scope This Standard provides a means for qualifying manufacturers who fabricate architectural and structural precast concrete to the requir ements of CSA Standard A23.4, including Appendices A, B, and C, and the requirements contained herein.

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