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  • ESD JS-001-2014
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ESD JS-001-2014

  • ESDA/JEDEC Joint Standard for Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity Testing - Human Body Modal (HBM) - Component Level
  • standard by Electrostatic Discharge Association, 2014
  • Publisher: ESD


This standard establishes the procedure for testing, evaluating, and classifying components and microcircuits according to their susceptibility (sensitivity) to damage or degradation by exposure to a defined human body model (HBM) electrostatic discharge (ESD).

The purpose (objective) of this standard is to establish a test method that will replicate HBM failures and provide reliable, repeatable HBM ESD test results from tester to tester, regardless of component type. Repeatable data will allow accurate classifications and comparisons of HBM ESD sensitivity levels.

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