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  • GPA 2108-13
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GPA 2108-13

  • GPA Fractionation Grade Product Specifications
  • standard by GPA Midstream Association, 2013
  • Publisher: GPA


These specifications generally define physical properties and characteristics of liquefied petroleum gases (LP-gases) which make them suitable for private, commercial and industrial applications. These specifications do not purport to specifically define all possible requirements to meet all possible applications. Therefore, the user is cautioned to exercise judgment in formulating final specifications for specific applications.

There are many uses for LP-gases including refining, petrochemical and heating. The six LP-gas specifications represented by this standard include Fractionation Grade:
  • ethane
  • ethane/propane mix
  • propane
  • iso-butane
  • normal butane and
  • natural gasoline
The majority of industry specifications were surveyed to find the common characteristics in establishing these specifications.

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