• Advances in Thermal Modeling of Electronic Components and Systems: Volume 4
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Advances in Thermal Modeling of Electronic Components and Systems: Volume 4

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  • Book by ASME International, 01/01/1998
  • Publisher: ASME


Advances in Thermal Modeling of Electronic Components and Systems is focused on air cooling technology. The following topics are discussed in the four chapters. Thermal Analysis of Natural Convection Electronic Systems: Status and Challenges (Chapter 1).

Assesses the state-of-the-art and future promise of predictive modeling techniques which incorporate numerical solutions of the governing momentum and energy equations. Thermal Modeling of Air Cooled Components Mounted on Printed Circuit Boards (Chapter 2).

Describes an experimentally validated thermal design methodology, which relies on superposition of the locally determined component adiabatic temperature rise on the globally-induced adiabatic temperature. Governing Relations and Performance Limits in Air-Cooled Heat Sinks (Chapter 3).

Explores the design and optimization of multiple fins clustered and arrayed in various configurations. Bibliography of Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment: 1990-1994 (annotated) (Chapter 4). Covers 400 selected papers, articles, and published patents. Also includes Table of Contents of the previous three volumes; index; and bibliography.

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